Under Slung

Under Slung

YATIN HOIST manufactures Single Girder as well as Double Girder cranes in an Under slung configuration Such cranes find applications where the headroom in a factory is limited or the structure does not allow any other means of supporting the crane other from the roof.

Typically, under slung Overhead cranes range from 250kg to 10MT, however higher capacity under slung Cranes can also be manufactured as per your requirements.

Precise control of all motions is achieved through Variable Frequency Drives.

Under slung cranes can be controlled through Independent travelling Pendent Push Button or by Radio Remote Control or from Crane Cabin which allow operators to stand on the safe side and operate for safe, efficient lifting & shifting of heavy material load in factories, workshops, warehouse etc.

They offer easy access in all the Six directions –Long Travel, Cross Travel & Up/Down movement. Cranes are designed & manufactured in accordance with IS: 3177, IS: 4137 & IS: 807.